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First aid development  teaching business's and individuals in Surrey and surrounding areas.

First aid development is still running courses though this Covid lockdown, adhering to all the government protocols required.

Kim Ronaldson

Kim Ronaldson

"I'm passionate about passing on the skills and experience  I've learned over the last 30 plus years. There's nothing more satisfying than receiving a message from a student that's used their first aid skills.". 

Our Courses

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Basic Life Support

An introduction to first aid. It's amazing how much you can learn in 4 hours but you will learn CPR, the safe use of a defibrillator, choking, recovery position. You may want to go on and complete the 1 day course 

Duration: 4 Hours




HSE 1 day Essential

This is the HSE 1 day certification course for  trades, gyms, offices and replaces the old "appointed person" first aid course.

Duration: 6 Hours




HSE 3 day Advanced

This course is the HSE 3 day certification course for construction site managers, companies with over 50 people and anybody who wants an advance first aid course

Duration; 18 hours over 3 days



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First Responder

This is an in-depth first aid course that will enable you to cope with most emergency incidents. Ideal for continued education and providing "Event" first aid cover.

Duration: 24 hours over 4 days




Family Essential

This course is ideal for pre and post natal women, families, nans & grandads. You will learn all the day to day first aid skills needed at home and outdoors.

Duration: 4 hours





OFSTED 12hr Paediatric

This OFSTED 12 hour course which is a must for anybody dealing with early years learning, child minders, nanny's and baby sitters. I DO NOT offer blended learning on this course as it is vital to get hands on experience. Cost £80 per person inc VAT (minimum 4 students)



Topic of Cancer.

First aid development supports Topic of Cancer in their efforts to raise funds for the ground breaking immunotherapy research conducted locally in Guildford. Topic of Cancer also have a choir ToC voices, gyms and support groups. www.topicofcancer.org.uk

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