I have been a first aid instructor for 11 years now and, for the last 9 years, also an instructor trainer to qualify first aid instructors.


This is a far cry from my previous career as a money broker, which I did for 32 years. One of the great things about my broking career was that it enabled me to travel. I was born in London, but during my years as a broker I lived in New York, Singapore and Sydney for 10 years.


On my return to the UK, I met Hazel. We have been married for 15 

years now and I have two step sons; Jack and Nathan. Family is very

important to me.


After leaving the money markets 5 years ago, I started 1st Aid

Development Limited. I had no previous experience of owning or

running a company, but I relish the challenges it brings. The best

part of my job, however, is the training. I have, unfortunately, had to

use my first aid skills many times, but I thoroughly enjoy passing on

those skills and experiences to the benefit of my students.


Apart from running First Aid Development, when I have the time,

I am a keen scuba diver and a former professional dive instructor.

I am also a practicing hypnotherapist. I am very proud to be a

Trustee and Chair of a local cancer charity; Topic of Cancer.



My plan is to continue to expand First Aid Development. We are

a one stop company for training and first aid supplies. First Aid

Development is a Highfield Awarding Body centre and we are agents

for HeartSine defibrillators and AeroHealth first aid supplies.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. For further information, advice and for bookings, please email admin@guildfordfirstaid.com or call 07770 376497

Thank you for taking time to read about Kim - I appreciate it!

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