An important update on the protocol for CRP from the HSE.

An important update from the HSE. The protocol for CPR

has changed due to Covid-19.

CPR stands for Cardio (heart) Pulmonary (lungs) resuscitation.

CPR is the cornerstone of Basic Life Support (BLS). The new

protocol is to forget the "pee" in CPR and just do chest

compressions. Here's a video for you to watch. Please pass it on

as it contains important information

The video better explains the application of the new protocol.

I have had a lot of questions asked about doing online first aid courses. Here is the good juice.

For credible first aid training organisations we can't run online courses. The reasons are because the students have to be assessed in person. In most cases the trainer is the assessor as I am. The students don’t have mannequins, defibrillators etc and it's impossible to monitor the course test at the end.

For those who need courses, the HSE are giving companies a margin on the expiry of their certificates. It is prudent to book a course for the future which shows awareness and confirms your intent.The advice is toot administer rescue breaths. The video below gives y

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