Do you know where your local Defibrillator is?

There are only 10 defibrillators listed on Guildford Council's Website. I know that there are more than that, as I've sold 3 in the last couple of months, but none of those are listed on the site. If you or your business own a lifesaving defibrillator, please can you add it to the Guildford Council website here at

If you don't have a defibrillator, perhaps you would consider purchasing one. It's better to have one on site rather than trying to find one in an emergency. When you purchase a “defib” you have an option of automatic or semi-automatic. There’s a range of prices and, as an agent for HeartSine defibrillators, I have access the latest models and any updates on them. They come with a 4-year battery and adult pad combination. I also add a preparation kit free of charge. For more information you can go to my new website where you can see the range of defibrillators I sell and the costs.

Heartsine 350p semi automatic defibrillator

There have been many apps/websites that list defibrillators and their locations. The problem has always been that there is no definitive central database listing for them. I'm pleased to say that the NHS are now putting together a database that will include all defibrillators across the country, the locations and who to contact if you need one in an emergency. This list should be available by the middle of next year and I would urge everybody to add a defibrillator to this list when it is published.

Sudden cardiac arrest can come on at anytime and it is imperative to get a defibrillator onto the casualty as soon as possible. The chance of survival goes up from 25% to 73%. Every second counts in an emergency and these lifesaving pieces of equipment can be used on everyone from one year old and upwards.

If you would like to know more then please email me at and please don't forget book a course now before you need a course and buy defibrillator before they need arises.

© Kim Ronaldson

First Aid Instructor.

Kim Ronaldson
Kim Ronaldson, First Aid Instructor

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