The correct use of gloves in an emergency

This month’s blog is focusing on the important skill of Barrier Use, specifically gloves.

** The correct use of gloves in an emergency **

One of the early skills you use on a first aid course is barrier use and, in this case – gloves. The use of gloves stops disease being passed on either way and keeps bodily fluids from your skin.

Putting on the gloves is pretty easy but just take care. If you have long nails or where rings, the gloves can split.

Taking off is the important thing as a student of mine found out before taking part in one of my courses. He ended up in intensive care for 8 days with a serious infection.

How to do it correctly: pinch the cuff of one glove or the other – do not put you fingers under the glove! Pull the glove inside out and into the other gloved hand. Then put you fingers under the gloved hand and pull the glove off, so at no point you’ve touched the outside of the glove. I’ve recorded a short video which will help you with the concept of barrier use and looking after yourself in an emergency situation.

First aid training courses start again in January 2021 - applying Covid protocol while training.

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** Please pass this blog as it's important people understand how to use gloves properly, especially in these Covid times**

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