Please read my testimonials, or the 35 plus 5 star Google reviews - I'm very proud of them all! 

Kim Ronaldson #Kudos to you. I want to take a moment to say #ThankYou for the excellent first aid training course you took me through today. It was really well planned, professionally presented and pitched perfectly at a complete novice like me. I now feel much better equipped to deal with those unexpected first aid emergencies which crop up in all of our lives every so often. I wish I had done this a long time ago. #help #businesspeople #training #firstaid #firstresponders #medical #lifesaving #employeetraining #employeewellbeing

Bill Edwards

Testimonial from Jonny Lord

Hi Kim,
I realize how lucky I was to have you around at the time and am eternally grateful for what you did.
I have no memory of anything between going down and subsequently waking up in the recovery ward.
"I recently suffered a seizure during a family party but was lucky enough to have a very experienced first aid practitioner and trainer on hand. He took charge of the situation, made very good observations that he was able to pass on to the paramedics and through his actions prevented what may have developed into a far more serious situation for me.
The more trained people we have around us the more effective front line medicine can become. This can really save lives.
Get some training and then keep up to date!
Thanks again and take care"


As an insurance broker I am very aware of my client's responsibilities for
Health and Safety, which includes having first aid staff. Kim offers various levels of course with appropriate accreditation's. As a company owner I too have these responsibilities and duly attended a course.  

I have received a number of First Aid training courses over the years and can
honestly say that none have matched the interactive and enthusiastic nature
of the training given by Kim.  

The way the course is structured really helps retain the information so that
memory fade is less likely (which is often the case if you are not called on to
practice your skills). Best of all Kim made it fun.

I am very happy to recommend Kim's courses to my clients and friends. 

Clive Harrison. H2i Insurance




Having attended one of Kim's first aid courses I can thoroughly recommend him. 'Book a course before you need one' - you will learn so much and feel confident to help others if the situation arises. Tony Chant September 2019

Chris Mann: Kim is an excellent First Aid trainer who explains all the concepts clearly and demonstrates the skills in an entertaining way - and more importantly makes sure that his delegates have absorbed and understood those skills. Jan 19

Kim is great. I have known him for 2 years now and his strap line is “take a course, before you need one” and it’s so true! First aid is a vital tool to have and one that can make all the difference! Get booked on now!! Claire Taylor. Aug 2019

Dear Kim

I recently attended your First Aid Development course, prior to the course I was
struggling to find the time for this.

Not knowing what to expect I have to say what a great day, one of the best courses I have attended.

Kim, you made the course fun and serious at the same time, I learnt so much
during the day, I now feel confident in dealing with a first aid situation should I ever need to.

I would recommend everybody takes the First Aid Development course, you
never know when you may be in a situation which could possibly save
someone's life, after all it could be a member of your own family.

Great course, Thanks Kim

Best wishes

Darren Stiff. Guildford Financial

Karen Elizabeth Hatton 

About a week after you trained us Kim, I was in a restaurant and a toddler began choking. She was very white and her lips were very blue. It was second nature to step in, I took the child , Kay her over my knees, and hit her back until a huge chunk of bread flew out. It felt like a lifetime but in reality was a few minutes. The parents flew off to the hospital as the ambulance wasn’t even on scene yet. 
Training becomes part of you, you never know if you can do it, but trust me....when needed you can ❤️


Kim Ronaldson of First Aid Development has an exceptional approach to first aid training
which he delivers with the seriousness it deserves, but he couples it with humour and
detailed practical instruction backed up by his titanic depth of knowledge on the subject. At
the end of the course we felt confident that should the need arise to deliver first aid
ourselves we would be well equipped to assist in the event of a medical emergency (and I
won't be a nervous wreck every time I feed my grandchildren hoping they won't choke,
because now, thanks to Kim, I know what to do!).

Kim is a top-rate first aid instructor - the course was very informative and very enjoyable and
I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone wishing to help save lives.

Dena Dixon





















Director - Pay-Nex